Day 7: Sweet Tomatoes

It’s my Birthday Month!  And I’m taking advantage of all the birthday deals available to me by attempting to get one birthday deal every day.  Please read more about my mission in my “About” page.  On we go!!


Day:  7sweettomatoes1
Business:  Sweet Tomatoes
Offer:  Save 20% off entire check
Via:  Email message from Club Veg


I fell in love with Sweet Tomatoes over twenty years ago when I served in the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps down in San Diego.  In those parts the restaurant is called Soup Plantation, and I could not get enough of their Vegetarian Black Bean Chili and their corn bread muffins with honey whipped butter.  I went there at least twice a month, often bringing fellow team members to share in my discovery.  And when I returned back to Oregon I found nothing even close to Soup Plantation.  Cue the collective “Awwws.”   I longed for the day when they might open up an outpost here in Portland.  I was a true fan, similar to those die-hards of In-N-Out that will no doubt make the drive down to Medford when it opens up later this year (or so the rumor goes).  Then suddenly one day, they came.  Under a different name, yes, but the same company and the same food et al.  And this birthday boy was REALLY happy.

Being a huge fan of Sweet Tomatoes, is it any wonder that I ended up living just a mile and a half away from them?  This can be quite dangerous, especially on Sunday mornings when they present their brunch options with waffles, French toast, cinnamon biscuits, egg fritatta — whoops, getting a little ahead of myself.  Okay, concentrate, get back on track!  Ah yes, my birthday offer.  It is for 20% off the entire check.  So not a free entree by any means, but still a decent enough discount.  Knowing the amount of food I was about to consume, I decided to run to the restaurant and at least burn off a few calories before my birthday feast.  Thank you Nike app.

We went in right before 4:00pm to take advantage of the lunch pricing at $9.39.  Go in after 4:00pm and the dinner prices go up to $11.49.  I presented my printed email coupon, and the cashier promptly took 20% off the total.  And then we were set free to find a table and then to dig into all the salad and soup buffet glory that our stomachs could take.  Five hours and 5,000 calories later, we wobbled out stuffed and satisfied.  Happy birthday to me.  Sweet Tomatoes style!

The email coupon is valid for a week before and a week after your birthday.  I rate this offer a “Good, But Just Passing By” because the 20% discount is not that different from the regular Club Veg coupons that you will receive every few weeks from Club Veg.  The lowest lunch price coupon they send out is $7.99; with my birthday discount, our per person price for lunch was $7.51.  So, not a huge difference in price, but enough savings if you are coming in as a group.  There are four locations in the Portland-Vancouver area serving lunch and dinner (with brunch on Sundays).


Verdict:  Good, But Just Passing Bysweettomatoes2
Items ordered:  Two adult lunch buffets
Amount before discount:  $18.78
Amount after discount:  $15.02
Total amount with tip:  $17.02
More info:  Club Veg



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