Day 21: Ben & Jerry’s

It’s my Birthday Month!  And I’m taking advantage of all the birthday deals available to me by attempting to get one birthday deal every day.  Please read more about my mission in my “About” page.  On we go!!


Day:  21benjerry1
Business:  Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Scoop Shop
Offer:  Free scoop of your favorite flavor
Via:  Email message printable certificate from Ben & Jerry’s ChunkSpelunker club


Ben & Jerry’s free ice cream scoop for your birthday!  Enough said…

Went in on a weekday afternoon, stood in front of the ice cream case for minutes on end as I tried to figure out exactly what to order.  The helpful Mr. Ice Cream Man asked me if I’d like to try out any flavors.  Of course I would!  I tried out a newer flavor “Milk & Cookies,” and one taste was all that I needed.  I presented my birthday certificate and Mr. Ice Cream Man One took one look at it and then greeted me a ‘Happy Birthday.’  One generous scoop into a sugar cone later and into my waiting hands, my lips quivering in blissful anticipation…ahhhh.

The Ben & Jerry’s birthday offer is sent about one week before your birthday and is valid for 14 days from the date sent.  The certificate is good for a single scoop into a cup or a cone.  Don’t forget your ID!  There are five scoop shops in the central Portland area and at least twenty ice cream flavors at each shop, so be sure to try out some new flavor samples.  If you love high quality ice cream as much as I do, then you’ll agree that this birthday offer is a must-have.  It’s Ben & Jerry’s!!


Verdict:  Must-Have
Items ordered:  1 scoop of ice cream into a sugar conebenjerry2
Amount before discount:  $2.49
Amount after discount:  $0
More info:  Ben & Jerry’s ChunkSpelunker email club




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