Day 27: Izzy’s Pizza Restaurant

It’s my Birthday Month!  And I’m taking advantage of all the birthday deals available to me by attempting to get one birthday deal every day.  Please read more about my mission in my “About” page.  On we go!!


Day:  27izzys1
Business:  Izzy’s Pizza Restaurant
Offer:  Buy one adult buffet, get one free
Via:  Printed email message from Izzy’s E-Grill Rewards Club


Izzy’s Pizza Restaurants have been around since the early 80’s, and I still remember their commercials in which customers would take a pizza bite crust-first because it was so good.  I also recall their sing-songy  jingle “Izzy’s is pizza plus a whole lot more” (check out this TV ad at the 50 second mark from almost 25 years ago).  Despite the proliferation of pizza joints opening left and right, Izzy’s has been a mainstay that has provided Portlanders with one of the only pizza buffet restaurants around.  Open for lunch and dinner (and brunch on Sunday mornings), Izzy’s offers up a salad bar , two daily soups, a hot food bar, pizza bar and dessert bar.  Many of their restaurants have also added a grill, featuring entrees such as steak, fish, pulled pork and more.

Join the Izzy’s free E-Grill Rewards Club and on your birthday you’ll receive a buy one buffet, get one buffet free offer.  Since lunch is about four dollars less than the dinner price, my wife and I opted for a late lunch, arriving around 2:30pm.  Our host led us through the dining room to a small booth and explained how the buffet worked with one major emphasis — please use a clean plate for each trip!  He asked if we wanted any soda, but we declined as water is our go-to beverage.  It was then up to us to build our lunch, and so I started off on the full salad bar and also got some breadsticks.

Our meal was satisfying and very good.  It was busy enough that the food was replenished and checked on frequently, and even though we didn’t ask, customers can also put in specific requests for pizza flavors on the pizza bar.  To keep things from getting too predictable, Izzy’s has introduced seasonal salads and other special items to encourage repeat customers.  It is a simple pricing plan and towards the end of our meal our waitress stopped by and gave us our check.  We walked up to the register to pay, and after presenting my birthday offer, the cost of my buffet was taken off and we just paid for one.  With 5 locations in the Portland – Vancouver area, there is an Izzy’s Pizza not too far away.  Additionally, there are other Izzy’s restaurants  around Oregon so you can also use the birthday offer at those locations.  For the value you receive, the good food and the fact that you have about three weeks to redeem the BOGO free coupon, I rate this a Must-Have!


Verdict:  Must- Have
Items ordered:  2 adult lunch buffetsizzys2
Amount before discount:  $16.98
Amount after discount:  $8.49
Total amount with tip:  $11.00
More info:  Izzy’s E-Grill Rewards Club


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