Hello fellow birthday deal-seeker!

My name is Edwin and my birthday is in January.  For the last several years I have signed up for as many restaurant e-clubs as I could, in the hopes that I would be rewarded around my birthday with some sweet deals.  I found out that sometimes I had too many birthday offers, and I would be scrambling at the end of the month to fulfill my destiny!  So this year I have decided to chronicle my journey of birthday deals all month, as I attempt to get one birthday deal every day.  Please join me in this momentous occasion and YOU too can fulfill your birthday fortunes!


– Must Have:  the best of the best deals, if I can only have a handful for my birthday these would be it!

– A Definite Treat:  a worthy birthday offer that is hard to pass up!

– Good, But Just Passing By:  an okay offer, not the best and not the worst, your mileage may vary

– Not That Special, pass if you want to:  value wise, it’s simply not that great of a deal


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