How To: Birthday Deals

Here’s a quick section on scoring birthday deals.

#1:  Whenever a business offers a “Loyalty Program” and there is an indication somewhere on the sign up form for your birthday — go ahead and sign up!  Sometimes they will verify your information with an email confirmation, so be sure to be on the lookout for this.  Sometimes you’ll get a loyalty card, sometimes not.  Just make sure that you are on their email list as many of the birthday programs send out their birthday offers via email and /or inform via email that your offer has been loaded onto your loyalty card.

#2:  Please keep in mind that some birthday offers are not entirely free:

a)  you might have to bring someone with you and they’ll have to pay full price (and yours is free)

b) you might have to pay to be part of a program, such as John’s Incredible Pizza VIP club at $5 per year, or you might have buy something in order to access the offer, such as buying the Entertainment coupon book in order to get the free Regal Cinemas birthday movie coupon

c) your offer might just be a dollar amount discount, such as McGrath’s knocking off $5 off your meal, instead of a completely free meal

#3:  Please remember to bring in your driver’s license, especially when redeeming a birthday offer on the date of your actual birthday.  Some places might not even ask, whereas other businesses might check to make sure that they are not being taken advantage of

#4:  When in doubt, call the business and ask about their birthday offer, or immediately present your birthday offer to your server before ordering to ensure that there are no restrictions.

#5:  Enjoy the day and enjoy your month of birthday deals!



Birthday Deals All Month

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