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Day 8: Baskin Robbins

It’s my Birthday Month!  And I’m taking advantage of all the birthday deals available to me by attempting to get one birthday deal every day.  Please read more about my mission in my “About” page.  On we go!!


Day:  8baskinrobbins1
Business:  Baskin Robbins
Offer:  One free scoop of ice cream (2.5 oz) or 3 oz soft serve
Via:  Email message from Baskin Robbins Birthday Club



Before the artisan flavors of Salt & Straw and Ruby Jewel, and before the novelty of topping mix-ins of Cold Stone Ice Creamery and Maggie Moo’s, there was the original 31 Flavors of Baskin Robbins.  This was the go-to ice cream joint in Portland — well for scoops of ice cream anyway .  I seem to recall that there was also a Bresler’s 33 Flavors store somewhere around here as well.  But I digress… if you really want to talk about celebrating birthdays with ice cream, then you gotta go with the Portland institution that was Ferrell’s Ice Cream Parlour — now that’s where to celebrate special occasions with sundaes and sweet treats!

Back to Baskin Robbins.  Somehow they have survived and they remain true to their roots — scoops of ice cream  in a variety of different flavors, plus the classic ice cream cakes and that strange Clown Cone.  Today you’ll also find sherbets and sorbets, different kinds of cones, shakes, sundaes and even some mix-ins.  Sign up for the Birthday Club and you’ll receive an email coupon good for one 2.5 oz. scoop of ice cream.  This is the equivalent of a kid’s cone, so not a honkin’ huge scoop, but just big enough to satisfy an ice cream craving.  And that’s exactly what I needed.

I went in after dinner and surveyed all the choices available.  The little sample spoons called out to me to try out flavors such as ‘Love Potion #31,’ ‘Red Velvet’ and ”Chocolate Fudge.’  Tempting!  But when it came down to it, I always seemed to revert to my favorite flavors.  It is my birthday after all, I can do what I want!  So I happily embraced my choice of Jamoca Almond Fudge on a sugar cone.  I presented my printed coupon and received my cone.  5 minutes later and it was but a memory.  The coupon is good five days before and five days after your birthday, a definite treat!


Verdict:  A Definite Treatbaskinrobbins2
Items ordered:  1 scoop of ice cream (2.5 oz)
Amount before discount:  $2.10
Amount after discount:  $0
More info:  Baskin Robbins Birthday Club



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