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Day 23: Del Taco

It’s my Birthday Month!  And I’m taking advantage of all the birthday deals available to me by attempting to get one birthday deal every day.  Please read more about my mission in my “About” page.  On we go!!


Day:  23deltaco1
Business:  Del Taco
Offer:  One free premium shake
Via:  Email message and printed certificate from Del Taco Raving Fan eClub



Del Taco is a California-based fast food chain that serves up American and Mexican food — think burgers and fries along with burritos and tacos side by side.  They mainly operate in the Western US, with three locations in the Portland – Vancouver metro area.  As fast food goes, they aren’t the best and they aren’t the worst — their menu is pretty extensive and the prices are very reasonable.  With offerings like turkey tacos and grilled chicken and roasted veggie bowls, they do have some unique concepts that taste pretty good.  But are any of these menu items available for the birthday offer?  The answer is no, but that’s not a bad thing because the birthday celebrant gets a free premium shake with real whipped cream.  Choose from strawberry, chocolate or vanilla.

I went in during the afternoon, ready for a little pick me up.  I thought about also getting a separate food item, but I knew that eating and having a shake would definitely ruin my later dinner plans.  So I stuck with just the shake.  I ordered the vanilla because my past experience with the other two flavors found them a little too sweet for my tastes.  The cashier rang me up and I gave him my printed certificate in exchange for my afternoon dessert treat.  This birthday offer is straight up for the free shake without any other purchase requirements.  Del Taco will send you an email for the free shake about a week before your birthday and it is valid until about a week after your birthday.  And while I did enjoy my vanilla shake, I only rate this birthday offer as “Good, but just passing by” simply because the Del Taco locations are pretty spread out and it wouldn’t really be worth it to drive all the way out to Gresham, Vancouver or Hillsboro just for a free shake.  But your mileage may vary, so go ahead and sign up for the Raving eClub because they’ll send you a coupon for two grilled chicken tacos just for signing up.




Verdict:  Good, But Just Passing By
Items ordered:  1 vanilla premium shakedeltaco2
Amount before discount:  $3.10
Amount after discount:  $0
More info:  Del Taco Raving Fan eClub



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