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Day 17: Jack in the Box

It’s my Birthday Month!  And I’m taking advantage of all the birthday deals available to me by attempting to get one birthday deal every day.  Please read more about my mission in my “About” page.  On we go!!


Day:  17jack1
Business:  Jack in the Box
Offer:  Free two tacos with any purchase
Via:  Email message and printable coupon from Jack in the Box Stay Connected


Okay, let’s get this one out of the way.  Join the Jack in the Box Stay Connected loyalty club, and a day before your birthday you’ll receive a coupon good for two free tacos as long as you make another purchase.  Some people like these tacos, others not so much.  They aren’t your typical tacos like those you’d find at a Taco Bell or Taco Time.  The Jack in the Box taco is already pre-assembled with the meat inside the corn tortilla shell, and then they are deep fried in greasy goodness.  They come out of the fryer, and then an American slice of cheese, shredded lettuce and taco sauce are added.  If you are so inclined, check out this YouTube video to see the process.

I went in between breakfast and lunch hours, so naturally I ordered a breakfast item to go with the tacos.  At $1, the Breakfast Jack is an affordable and decent enough sandwich, consisting of a hamburger bun with fried egg, slice of ham and slice of American cheese.  I ordered the two tacos and presented the coupon.  The cashier took a look at the coupon and then applied the discount — total bill came to $1.00 for the Breakfast Jack.  A few minutes later, my number was called and I fetched my order.  The tacos were crunchy, hot and a bit greasy.  Two is the usual maximum that I can handle in any one sitting.  I then finished off my brunch with the breakfast sandwich.

This birthday offer from Jack in the Box is valid during the week of your birthday, which I’m going to assume expires exactly one week after your birthday.  With a retail value of $.99 for the two tacos, it’s not exactly the birthday freebie of the year.  That said, if you are in the neighborhood near any of the many locations of Jack in the Box in the Portland area, and don’t mind spending a little money on another food item, then it’s fine.  Overall however, this just isn’t that special unless you are a die hard Jack in the Box taco fan.


Verdict:  Not That Special, pass if you want to
jack2Items ordered:  1 Breakfast Jack, 2 regular tacos
Amount before discount:  $1.99
Amount after discount:  $1.00
More info:  Jack in the Box Stay Connected


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